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An intimate private dining room for up to 12 people, the Mortlach Room is hidden away in a special room. Featuring a personalised Mortlach Whiskey and a generous set menu for you and your guests to enjoy over lunch or dinner, the Mortlach Room offers a decadent experience.

Enjoy a spread of delicious fare which includes our standing rib roast and char-grilled rib eye on the bone. If lobster, fish, burger or our roast chicken are a must, these too can be added to your menu. Wine, spirits or cocktails; your drinking experience will be tailored to your needs. We’ll stock your private bar with all the beverages you want on offer.

Simply let us know what you would like to have served three business days prior to your booking so we can ensure everything is available. We look forward to welcoming you into the Mortlach Room.